Sep 24 2012

The 4 Most Powerful Facebook Marketing Secrets

If you made it to this page you’re probably looking for Facebook Marketing Strategies? Here are 4 of the most powerful Facebook marketing secrets you should be taking advantage off. Whether you are a college student, a business man or even a housewife – it is important to understand how you can optimize Facebook for

Use these 4 Facebook Marketing Secrets Today

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your needs. If you’re interested in making money on Facebook, its important that you know these Facebook Marketing Tips.

Facebook Marketing Secrets – Your Contact Info

The first Facebook marketing secrets is you need to build a strong presence. You won’t be earning any money from Facebook if you’re not on it, so make sure you have a well designed page. Add relevant information on the page about your offers. Make sure you list your website info and contact information, I see some many people marketing of Facebook and have no contact info listed, how do you expect you lead to contact you?. Add other related info and media so when people click on your page they have something related to your business.

Facebook Marketing Secrets – Build Your Audience

The Second Facebook marketing secret is to invite people to your Fan Page. Start with friends and family, but also add all other leads you have collected over time. Ask people to recommend others to join the page. You can also use other social media sites – like Twitter – to get a larger number of people to like your page. Add your Facebook page link on your website and other places where you generate links. Make sure you add this link to your mailings as well. Make it easy for people to find you on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Secrets – Interact With Your Followers

The Third  Facebook marketing secrets is to start topics of conversation that would interest your audience. You do not want people who “like” your page to hide all your posts from their timeline, so make sure whatever you say adds value to their day, offer Tip & Tricks, Positive Quotes, and you can even offer them Facebook Marketing Strategies. Remember you what users to navigate away from whatever they are doing to read what you have to say. Reply to comments and likes as well. Always Always like the comment when someone post one, this is a simple task that lets them know you appreciate and acknowledged their comment, trust me it goes a long way. Ask people for their opinions, and start moderating comments so that there is no spamming on your Facebook page.

Facebook Marketing Secrets – Hold Contests

The Facebook Marketing Tips is to hold mini contests. Use contests as a way to keep people coming back to your Facebook  Fan Page. You can also offer mini giveaways. One way to mix this in with our Facebook Marketing Strategies is to Build Your Audience by holding there contests that reward those who bring in the most new “likes”. You can pick a winner by random from those who post about your page on their timeline or those that tweet about the contest. In closing I hope you have found some value in this post and you use this Tips to generate more leads from your Facebook Fan Page.


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