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Sep 01 2011

What is the LightSquared Network and why you should know about it now!

LightSquared Network

Today we are going to talk about the LightSquared Network. Hello again my friends, it’s your pal Mark Choo and I am so EXCITED today about this blog. I came across the LightSquared Network while doing some research for another blog I am writing, and I was AMAZED with what I found. My Firends, the …

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May 23 2011

Younger Generation Define Multitasking at Multitasking 4.0 Levels

Time Magazine

Define Multitasking. Hello again my friends. Have you ever noticed how kids today have the ability to multitask on a different level?  When I was growing up all we had was the Radio and the Black & White TV, but in today’s world we have Computers, iPods, Cell Phones and not to mention there is …

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