May 09 2012

TRIPLE Your Sales Conversions Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research – Part 1

Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research

Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research - 1st Page Ranking EVERY TIME!

Using Market Samurai for keyword research can effectively increase your sales conversions, sometimes even TRIPLING your monthly sales! Though it may take some time getting used to – this keyword research tool is by far one of the most effective ways to generate laser-targeted keywords each and every time! Are you looking for an accurate way to find popular keywords? How about keywords that will target more of the market who is eager to MOVE FORWARD with you and less likely to just pick your brain? Using Market Samurai for keyword research presents multiple opportunities to really analyze not only keywords but also the SEO competition of each keyword you choose! These are specific aspects that you will not find with the more commonly used Google Keyword Tool! I’ll admit my friend, although I absolutely adore the FIRST PAGE RANKING I have received by using Market Samurai for keyword research – I will NEVER abandoned my Google tools completely. In fact Market Samurai integrates your Google AdWords account to their software so that you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to EFFECTIVE keyword research.

Analyze the RIGHT Data by Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research

By spending some quality time using Market Samurai for keyword research you can actually guarantee that you rank on the first page with EVERY keyword you target! The magic lies in a few simple steps of research which can all be done using this program rather than going to each of your competition websites and manual analyzing their level of competition. Do yourself a favor and take the time to go over the video tutorials that Market Samurai offers. In my experience, they are probably one of the most well put together tutorials I have come across and truly give you a step by step walk through of how using Market Samurai for keyword research actually works! My friend, there is truly nothing that this software lacks! Want to learn more about the Four Golden Rules of an effective keyword? As you may have already encountered, targeting just any traffic to your business is just not enough these days. You need to create strong marketing campaigns which ensure that your visitors keep coming back to your website in order to check in on what may or may not be going on in your business. By using Market Samurai for keyword research you will be able to see exactly what keywords are being searched, which businesses are targeting them AND analyze the odds you have of getting on that first page of search results!

Triple Your Sales Conversions using Market Samurai for keyword research

Learn how to target keywords that GUARANTEE PROFIT!

Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research: How to Customize the Software to YOUR GOALS

So you want to start effectively using Market Samurai for keyword research, right? Well first ask yourself this – what goal are you trying to fulfill with your post? Are you posting for profit, leads or traffic? The answer to this question will WITHOUT A DOUBT help you to generate more laser targeted keywords to use. If you haven’t done so already – Rob Fore has an amazing training that can help you determine the important factors in the concept of Posting on Purpose for Profit better known as POPP Marketing. When you start using Market Samurai for keyword research you will notice that there are customizable filter options which you can utilize to fine tune the Golden Rules for your business! You may be a new website looking to target keywords which guarantee less than 200 backlinks or you may only want to target keywords being searched over 1,000 times per month! Using Market Samurai for keyword research enables YOU to set the rules! This is your business, why waste time targeting keywords that will never get you noticed? Here’s some helpful tips I have picked up which will help you target EFFECTIVE keywords for first page ranking:

1. Set the SEOT to a minimum of 80 visits per day
2. Set the PBR to 15%
3. Set the SEOC to 30,000
4. Set the SEOV to a minimum of $30.00 per day

If you are a bit confused about using Market Samurai for keyword research, have no fear – I will be going over the individual components of this keyword analysis in a future article (look out for it later this week) – however, these tips will cover you on the basics of effective keywords for your search. Being able to fine tune your keyword research like this, while being able to analyze your competition for that keyword, will enable you a better sense of control over your conversion rates! Especially when you are posting for profit, wouldn’t you want to target keywords that the people with their credit card in hand are using? When you spend the time to research wisely – you are actually spending the time to TRIPLE your conversions!

Ready to Get Started Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research?

Now that you have a better understanding of how using Market Samurai for keyword research can help you generate better sales conversions – you are just a few steps away from consistently cashing the checks to prove it! Using Market Samurai for keyword research is EMPOWERING! I’ll be the first one to admit this! Between the ability to accurately generate hundreds of effective keywords which are being searched either daily or monthly – you also have the VALUABLE asset of the SEO Competition research tool as well. Market Samurai actually gives you additional modules which can guide you on how to monetize these keywords, where to place your content and even gives you resources to obtain content containing your keywords for your site. I must say though, my ultimate favorite aspect of Market Samurai is the Domain Module which provides you with a list of available domain names which contain your keyword! This is HUGE in building your SEO presence for a certain keyword and making sure that you are able to dominate the search ranking for it! Look out for Part 2 to this article where we will be going over a more in depth look at each individual component Market Samurai has to offer!


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