Mar 19 2012

Using Email Autoresponders & Email Marketing Software to Boost Business – Pt 1

Mark Choo Presents Free Email Marketing Software WebinarI was very pleased to see that so many of my fellow entrepreneurs took advantage of my free webinar last week entitled, “Using Email Autoresponders and Email Marketing to Boost Your Business.” For those of you missed the webinar, I wanted to extend the knowledge and experience to you as well! I cannot stress enough how powerful of a tool that the use of email autoresponders can be for your business. If you add the automation of email marketing software into your strategy – you are enabling yourself to connect with the masses in your business – automating your follow up process and bridging the gap that naturally gets created with time between your prospects and your follow up process.

Main Benefits of Using an Email Autoresponder & Email Marketing Software

By using an email autoresponder, first and foremost, you are saving yourself the time of manually sending emails to your contacts. Utilizing email marketing software can help you generate more leads for your business and more importantly, allow you to close more prospects for your business – just by utilizing your time effectively! Your email marketing software can be the perfect business partner, in essence, because while it maintains the job of reaching out to all of your contacts to solicit business – you are utilizing the same time to close the business that reached back out to you!

Mark Choo Explains iContact Email Marketing SoftwareEmail Marketing Software: iContact

In my training, I discussed the very popular and equally effective email marketing software called iContact. If you use this program to generate your email autoresponders, you walk in the same footsteps as many Fortune 500 companies – it’s a great email marketing software that accommodates to the corporate world – being easy to use for any business. However, if you are in the Network Marketing field, such as myself – you may find that you’ll have to watch the content you provide in your email autoresponders as well as the size of your contact list. iContact has strict rules regarding email marketing for Network Markets. I use the program personally for certain aspects of my email marketing lead generation, but I am more privy to the AWeber email marketing software. Check out the detailed walk through presentation of both programs in the recording of the webinar and decide which one is better suited for your business. There is a free trial available for the iContact software, however, the trial does limit you to contact 100 subscribers out of the 500 which comes with the monthly membership package.

Email Marketing Software: AWeber

Now this email marketing software is ideal for any Network Marketing business as you are not limited to the content or number of email autoresponders you send! The membership package (and trial package) include 500 subscriber contacts. Once you have all your contacts in place, you can schedule as many email autoresponders as you’d like to your contacts! One downfall, in my opinion – the only downfall of AWeber – is that you cannot upload your contact list as you can with iContact. In order to create a subscriber list, you will need to manually enter your contacts individually or wait until they opt in from your website.
If you missed the live webinar session last week, take advantage of the watching the recorded version located in the Marketing Tools section of my site now.


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