Mar 21 2012

Using Email Autoresponders & Email Marketing Software to Boost Business – Pt 2

Mark Choo Presents Free Webinar on Email Marketing Software TrainingIn the first part of the written series for my “Using Email Autoresponders and Email Marketing Software to Boost Your Business” webinar, I discussed the main key points on what an email autoresponder actually is and how you can utilize it to enhance your business. I spoke about the iContact and AWeber email marketing software programs a bit and how they could help you automate your process – generating more leads. Hopefully by now, you’ve watched the recording session of the live webinar and have a better visual understanding of how powerful this marketing strategy could actually be. Now, I’d like to go into a bit more detail with you about strengthening the effectiveness of your email autoresponders and email marketing software campaigns.

In Depth Look at Email Marketing Software Benefits

Let’s face it – you’re a busy person! As much as you would like to, you cannot be in two places at the same time and there is only so much you can balance simultaneously. When it comes to effective lead management, many entrepreneurs find themselves torn between creating new leads and closing the prospects. This is where email marketing software and email autoresponders come in handy. While you should NEVER change anything you already do as far as lead generation is concerned – implementing email autoresponders and an automated email marketing software can eliminate the time you spend following up with prospects so you can focus on closing and cultivating your clients! This truly will allow you to fulfill the general ABC Rule of sales – Always Be Closing!

Mark Choo Presents Email Marketing Software Webinar TrainingLet Your Email Marketing Software Generate Your Leads

When implementing your email marketing tactics you’ll want to ensure that your process is as automated as possible to ensure you have as much free time as you can to avoid manually creating bulk emails. Your email marketing software can handle the bulk of this work just by sending friendly emails regarding new products, your latest business news, blog articles or website developments to your prospects for you. You never know how much a person’s situation has changed since you last spoke to them. Just because they were not in a position to utilize your business when you met them six months ago, does not mean that NOW is not a good time! Allow your email marketing software to remind them about your business and the VALUE it offers your clients – all in a friendly email!

Scheduling Your Email Marketing Software

The beauty in working with effective email marketing software is the fact that you can program it with as many email autoresponders as you like (in most cases.) If need be, you could schedule a different email for every day of the week, every holiday, even on birthdays if you’d like. You can do this without even being at your computer when it happens. I like to send out at least three emails per week to my contacts, keeping them posted on my webinars, training courses and marketing tools that may help them generate business for themselves, even if they are not generating business for me! The VALUE in the information they are receiving alone is enough to keep me in their thoughts when they are ready to increase their earnings at maximum potential!


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