May 31 2011

History of Texting Message the most Efficient Communication Tool Today

Most Efficient Communication Tool. Hello again my friends!! So today we are going to talk about the history of texting messaging and how that technology has evolved to the most Efficient Communication Tool Today over the past few years.


History of the Most Efficient Communication Tool:

Originally referred to as SMS (Short Message Service) the first text was sent in December 1992, when a 22 year old engineer named Neil Papworth of Airwide Solutions(Originally: Sema Group) used a Computer to send a text message “Merry Christmas” to the phone of his good friend Richard Jarvis.

Most Efficient Communication Tool


The Most Efficient Communication Tool in Business:

When this technology was first introduced it was slow to gain popularly in the marketplace, mostly used by kids it was not seen or used as a professional service, in fact it was seen as unprofessional by some, but a funny thing happened, those same kids grew up to become our young professionals of today, they have taken Text Messaging into the business world. Today, Text messaging is the most widely used mobile data service in the world, in fact today US mobile subscribers sends and receives more text messages than telephone calls. Currently Text Messaging is a multibillion dollar business and it is widely used by billions of Users & Professionals around the world, in fact there are multiple companies offering text marketing & Business Elite Services for business, and why not, because there is 95% chance a user will read a text message vs. an email.


Sending Alerts with the Most Efficient Communication Tool: As more and more companies seek the edge in today’s marketplace, several has introduced the use or Text messaging into multiple sectors like Banking, Social Media sites like Facebook & Twitter, posting and other alerts, in fact Penn State University recently implemented a system on campus to alert students and faculty members.


We have seen significant improvement in this technology over the years, with the recent introduction of Swap Texting, but one thing is for sure, the mobile media revolution is changing the way we communicate across the globe, and text message is the most Efficient Communication Tool Today


As always I hope you have found some value in this article on Text Messaging (Most Efficient Communication Tool) and if you looking for a good business text marketing solution, here is a link to the one I use: Business Elite till next time, dont text and drive!


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Violet Koncz
Violet Koncz

I totally agree. I am part of that generation of "kids who grew up to become professionals" and I use text messaging all the time for business and play. I read every text-message I get. Great post!