Apr 04 2012

What Form of Identity Guard Do You Use Against Theft?

Mark Choo Offers Identity Guard ProtectionLet’s face it – in today’s day and age, there’s a hacker lurking in every corner, just waiting to attack people who do not use any form of identity guard to protect their personal information from being stolen or cloned. Without implementing some form of identity guard, you are actually making the job of a hacker quite easy just by making yourself more vulnerable! However, what if I told you that I could offer you an identity guard program that not only monitors your credit report for signs of identity theft – but also offers top of the line identity theft protection for your computer, as well as identity theft insurance and ID restoration services? I’m serious – identity guard protection is not something that you should take lightly, as I assure you – once your identity is comprised or stolen by one of these hackers – it is going to be a long, tedious road ahead to getting your life back to normal!

Protecting Yourself with Identity Guard

My identity guard program can help you breathe a bit easier when it comes to protecting your personal information from hackers. There are plenty of different ways that a hacker can obtain your personal information which is why it is vital for you to take every precautionary measure possible to protect your identity from theft. In addition to obtaining a EFFECTIVE and FULL SPECTRUM identity guard protection, it is wise that you start protecting yourself offline as well, such as shredding documents which contain your personal information before throwing them in the trash! This includes old checks, inactive or expired credit cards, or bank statements. Look out for letters that contain bar code lines as these bar codes are usually encrypted by a file tracking software system within the sender’s facility. This bar code is linked to your personal information as well and is something that the more efficient hackers target since the average consumer is not aware of the facts. When it comes to securing yourself with an identity guard, you can never be too careful.

Mark Choo Helps You Implement an Identity GuardComputer Protection Identity Guard

A sufficient identity guard protection program should offer a variety of different protection methods and should always include some type of online protection. Did you know that some hackers can even compromise your email in order to steal your identity and personal information? It’s true, even if you do not physically send an email which contains such information. For example, after you make a purchase or pay a bill online, most companies will send an email confirmation for the order. Although this email will usually confirm the method of payment without displaying the entire credit card number, hackers can use this same email to obtain the full account information as well as steal the funds it holds. Shopping and paying bills online is too convenient – and most of the time cheaper – to avoid using in fear of having your identity stolen or compromised. Why not just protect yourself with one of the most powerful forms of identity guard protection out there? My program even offers a way for you to protect your identity and generate some income for yourself as well!

Avoid Identity Theft with an Effective Identity Guard

The identity guard program I can offer you is not only the same one I personally use myself – but it is an identity theft protection that truly covers every basis of your protection from monitoring your credit report 24/7, to securing your computer and online accounts and even offers you insurance should you find yourself jeopardized by identity theft. They’ll even cover and replenish the loss of wages you had to endure by taking off of work to handle contacting all of your accounts to report your identity theft concerns. What could possibly be better than this? Oh yes, that’s right, they’ll even cover your attorney fees you will surely be charged to prosecute the person(s) responsible for your identity theft in the first place! Today, 15 MILLION people find themselves victims of identity theft each year. 15 MILLION!!! That is more than the amount of people who show up in Times Square each year to watch the New Year’s ball come down! Could you imagine? Keep yourself out of this ever growing statistics pool by obtaining a strong identity guard program you can trust.


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