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Madeline Betancourt
Senior Finance Paralegal
Senior Finance Paralegal
“When Mark Choo and I became colleagues in this business, it immediately became
apparent to me that his energy, vision, insight, and compassion were qualities
of a true leader.  The integrity of the leadership is one of the hallmarks of
this opportunity.  This business is a powerful vehicle equipped to drastically
transform lives.  Logical and simple – designed to create an abundant future -
the key to financial success and freedom.  There is no better time for this
opportunity and Mark knows how to seize the moment.”
Vee Nathoo
Entrepreneur – CEO

Vee Nathoo - Entrepreneur

“I have always believed and supported the philosophy of business
ownership. I recently graduated from Saint Peter’s College with a BA in Business
Administration and Criminal Justice and I am an owner of a successful mobile
Disc Jockey Corporation. I deal with people all the time and have come across
all types of personalities, but Mark Choo is “one of a kind”. I have known Mark
for a couple of years as a friend, business partner and mentor, and I can always
count on him. I have learned an abundance of information from his mentoring and
have applied it to my daily aspects of life. I am very blessed to be mentored by
an individual of his caliber. THANKS MARK!”
Theo Primas
Attorney at Law
Attorney at Law

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“I am both pleased and proud to call Mark Choo my friend and business partner.
This opportunity provides anyone, regardless of their background, with the key
to freedom. In this business, I am achieving both financial success and personal
growth, while helping others attain the same. It doesn’t get any better, and
Mark Choo fully understands this. Mark and I have worked closely together, and I
have found his knowledge, his commitment, and his willingness to give of himself
absolutely invaluable to my own success!”
 Sheila Ragbir
Immigration Manager

Sheila Ragbir

“In his quest for success, Mark’s passion  has caused him to go beyond his
comfort zone to make it happen.  Dedicated, talented, and coachable, Mark is
determined to blaze the trail as a business owner! His excitement for life and
success is evident to his entire team and it is what makes him the leader he
is.  We are proud of you Mark Choo!”
Kevin Altidor
College Student
College Student
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“Growing up, I have always been interested in learning about business and what it
takes to become a  successful entrepreneur. Throughout my later years in high school deciding on a career path wasn’t difficult. However, at one point life was going downhill as times were rough, and jobs were hard to come by. Luckily for me, I came across this business opportunity. I can confidently say that this opportunity  has blessed me and allowed me to mature and be mentored by great people. Mark and the rest of the expansion team is always there to lend a hand or give advice. Mark Choo is a great man and I look up to him for his leadership.  He is not only a friend but an older brother who I will always look to for guidance and motivation. Onward
and Upward is the saying, because I can now look forward to the years ahead with
clarity and appreciation.”
Qaasim Ali
Manager at KFC
Manager at KFC“Clock in, work long hours, clock out and then do it all over again tomorrow. My
name is Qaasim Ali and that was the sum total of my life when I met Mark Choo.
Very soon after our first meeting, Mark showed me that there were other options
in life. You don’t have to follow what everyone does. You can break away from
that pattern, cycle and chain. Mark is very helpful, and always there when I
need his help or advice. When Mark introduced me to this business model I was
amazed that I get paid not only when I clock in, but even after I clock out, you
are your own boss. Thank you Mark Choo.”

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