Jun 18 2011

My Experience Attending the 5Linx International Convention

The 5Linx International Convention was amazing! Hello again all my friends, Mark Choo here. So we just got back from the 5Linx International Convention and I wanted to share my experience everyone. YES I said“International” with all the growth in multiple countries, corporate just switched from having a National Convention’s to 5Linx International Convention’s moving forward!!………

My Award at the 5Linx International Convention:

First of all it’s very very difficult to explain or capture in words what really took place at the 5Linx International Convention, but I am going to give it a try. So we got in town on Wed night and immediately attended our team meet & greet award ceremony, since we have business partners from all over the world, I was very happy to see everyone again, but to my surprise, after the votes I received the Top Team Player Award at the 5LINX National Event. I have posted a few pics on my Facebook page along with the award I received, feel free to add me on Facebook and say hello, I would love to connect with you.


Thousands at the 5Linx International Convention:

I was immediately impressed upon entering the 5Linx International Convention center on Thursday morning, with thousands of people the scene and stage looked like a concert at the 5LINX Seminar, they had done it again. Now just try to picture and imagine being in a room with thousands of people from all over the world, but what’s even more impressive is there was so much positive energy in the room, as soon as you walked in the door you could not help but feel it, everyone at 5Linx International Convention was there to share tips and 5Linx Success Secrets to help you with your business!!

If you are currently in our industry or with 5Linx and have not attending your company’s National Convention or  the 5Linx International Convention, I ENCOURAGE you to make this a TOP Priority, doing this is even more important to your success than getting started in our industry, you will never be the same after attending a 5Linx International Convention, in fact, this is where the rubber meets the road, the 5Linx International Convention can change your life and your business forever. So why should you attend, you REALLY get a chance to see the bigger picture at an event like this, you REALLY get to SEE the VISION, in my eyes I was looking at our FUTURE and could see it clearly.

Move on the 5Linx International Convention and the Future of 5Linx

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Co-Founders at the 5Linx International Convention

Lastly, even in corporate world we are not sure what the future holds with any company, or if you’re going to be a part of the future they have planned, If anyone had any doubt in that room at the 5Linx International Convention, it’s all GONE now, it was amazing to see and hear the vision our Co-Founder’s has in store for us and the company, what they have planned is truly revolutionary, and our company is on its way to being a house hold name very soon!! I was also amazed at how much or company is giving back, stay tuned, in respect to what happen, this is the topic of another blog all together, this topic cannot and should not be combined with any other post, but just to give you a tease, we got a chance to take part in Our 9/11 Flag  History, and the BEST PART is, I got to participate. It was an amazing feeling to give back, but knowing that our kids and grand kids and generations to come will get to see this was an unreal feeling.


So my friends, as always I hope you found my blog on attending the 5Linx International Convention enlighten, and I hope this has in some way touched you as it has touch me!! Until next time, when you achieve Success, don’t forget to give back!!


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