Feb 03 2012

Is The Network Marketing Industry a BIG Sham? (Video Inside)

Is The Network Marketing Industry a BIG ShamHey guys, today I am going to talk about the MLM Network Marketing also known as the Network Marketing Industry. BUT First, the BIG Questions, is the Network Marketing Industry a BIG SCAM? Well, I did my own research to find out what the Network Marketing Industry was all about, and in this article I’m going to give you alot of info on the Direct Selling Industry, BUT, I want to stay away from all the hype, because I am going to give you the truth about the Direct Selling Industry the way I see it. As humans everyone wants to add there own two cents sometimes, but more often than not, we are just repeating what we hear. Anyway, let me tell you more about my experience with the Network Marketing Industry, and then you will get a chance to see and hear what Ex President Clinton has to say.

Who Governs the Network Marketing Industry?

 The Network Marketing Industry and the Direct Selling Industry is governed by the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Foundered in 1910 the DSA provides the Code of Ethics and Standards. The DSA also works with Congress in addition to numerous other government agencies on behalf of the Network Marketing Industry and its members. Guys we are not talking mom and pop shop here, this is a billion dollar industry. In short the Industry is the REAL deal, and it can provide anyone with the opportunity of a lifetime, just ask Ex President Clinton….

The Network Marketing Industry Endorsed by Ex President Clinton

 Before you hear what Ex President Clinton, why do YOU think most people see the Network Marketing Industry as scam? Well I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but let me tell you why I did, growing up I always heard elders saying the Network Marketing was a Pyramid scheme, but funny enough no one EVER explained why, I never questioned it, but I agreed and went along with it, why? That’s a good question, but for the majority I think it’s easier to go with the grain and agree with the masses than to swim upstream alone. Check out this Short Video on what Ex President Clinton had to say….

The Future of the Network Marketing Industry

 So what can we expect from The Future of the Network Marketing Industry? Well with today’s economy more and more people are gravitating towards the Industry because of the opportunity it can provide. Corporate America can be brutal, and I am speaking from experience, it’s a doggy doggy cut throat world, everyone is out for themselves and no one is interested in teaching anyone, because that person could turn around and take their job. Here is the BIG DIFFERENCE! Everyone wants YOU to win big, and everyone is willing to teach you, because they WANT YOU to become successful. I mean we just heard it from Ex President Clinton.


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