Oct 07 2011

New Rules of Money – Robert Kiyosaki

Hello again my friends, today we are going to talk about the New Rules of Money by Robert Kiyosaki. I recently came across “Conspiracy of the Rich” by bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki.


New Rules of Money - Entrepreneur

New Rules of Money - Entrepreneur

Now here are some cool facts that tie into the New Rules of Money. What does Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Thomas Edison of General Electric, Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company and Richard Branson of Virgin Enterprises all has in common? THey NEVER finished school. They are all living examples of entrepreneurs who started out with very little and built multibillion dollar empires. What Robert Kiyosaki points out the New Rules of Money is that these successful business owners have something else in common that was a huge unfair advantage.

New Rules of Money Conspiracy:

So has there been a conspiracy of the rich? Robert goes on to discuss how the lack of financial education in our school systems today is hurting our financial future, because most college graduates today have no concept or understand of the New Rules of Money. In the past decade nothing has changed, the average person really needs to learn the New Rules of Money and understand how debt, taxes, inflation, and retirement plans will affect them. Robert Kiyosaki goes on to say that once we learn and understand the new rules of money, then and only then can we opt-out of the conspiracy of the rich.” Just take a look at this video……

New Rules of Money points the finger at the Federal Reserve Bank:

Interestingly enough, both Robert & Kim Kiyosaki believes your 401(k) retirement vehicles and investments are being placed in the hands of Wall Street. Robert goes on to explain the New Rules of Money how and why this country is where it is today, he points the finger at our Federal Reserve Bank, who is responsible for inflating our dollar in the first place, that is one of the main reasons why the value of your retirement plans as well as your savings is being destroyed. Before 1971 the U.S. was using the gold standard. “Technically, prior to 1971, the U.S. dollar was a derivative of gold. After 1971, the U.S. dollar became a derivative of debt.” This changed the rules of money in a major way.

New Rules of Money – Talk’s about Bank Robbery

New Rules of Money - Bank Robbery

New Rules of Money - Bank Robbery

Robert talks about Bank Robbery. “Since money is invisible, a derivative of debt, bank robberies by bankers have become invisible.” This occurs when: Our Banks are simply lending money they don’t have. Although Kiyosaki points the finger at the Fed, he is not for abolishing it. Instead, Robert talks about learning and using these new rules of money to your advantage. In other word’s if you can’t beat them, then join them and learn New Rules of Money.

Robert Kiyosaki lists five New Rules of Money in his book:

* Money is Knowledge
* Learn how to use Debt
* Learn to Control your Cash Flow
* Prepare for Bad Times and you will only know Good Times
* The need for speed. An eye-opener, learn and teach everyone

New Rules of Money talk’s about – The Rich, The Middle Class & the Poor:

In chapter seven, Kiyosaki explains why 90% of people today are average and live and average life. They dont understand the New Rules of Money. “They follow average advice.” In closing, Robert Kiyosaki points out that there are three different types of people in the world today, The Rich, The Middle Class and the Poor. For example every time you use your cell phone to make a call, you are paying the cell phone company. He explains the secret of success is selling. “In simple terms, if you can’t sell a product you have to sell your labor.” and in Kiyosaki’s opinion, the ultimate definition of “selling” is building a business and then taking it public. By selling more than you buy, you can eventually become rich. Rich Dad’s – Conspiracy of the Rich is a great read and you should definitely pickup a copy and make some time to read it so you too can learn the New Rules of Money!

As always my friends, I hope you found some value in this blog on New Rules of Money, remember to leave a comment.

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