Mar 28 2012

Using Online Business Tools to Automate Your Business

Mark Choo - Online Business ToolsIn today’s technology driven world, many business owners are using the Internet to optimize their business – thus needing some effective online business tools to help them successfully reach their goals. Often when starting these businesses, one does not have the manpower (or the funds to hire the manpower) which is thought to be needed in order to use various marketing strategies already proven to make an online business successful. Fortunately, thanks to technology, you now have some amazing online business tools which can help you run your company on a much larger scale and as if you were fully staffed! Now, I’ve come into contact with hundreds of different online marketing tools in my own process of elimination search for what works and what doesn’t. I’ve learned that in essence, any type of automation to your website components – especially content related – can be a huge help in keeping your page full of fresh information and up to date with the search engines. Adding some automated online marketing tools to help out with your lead generation and client relations can’t hurt at all either! At the very simple side of the spectrum, the automation of your social media marketing can also become one of the most vital online business tools you could use! Yes, I’ve certainly found a little bit of everything in my search and if there is one thing I could tell you without a reasonable doubt, it is that there is a wealth of online business tools which can virtually automate your entire website existence!

Using Online Business Tools to Automate Your Content

Some online business tools can be crucial even if the only thing it does is save you time! Constantly updating the content on your site is extremely important in gaining exposure and creditability with the search engines. Although there are online business tools which can make posting to your site easier, I recommend utilizing the online marketing tools which cater to automating your distribution process for the content management component. When it comes to content you’ll want to ensure two things –

  1. You are consistently updating your website with relevant, VALUABLE information which will attract prospective visitors to your website as well as show the search engines that you know your stuff!
  2. You’ll want to ensure that after all that great content is consistently published to your site, that it is visible to as many people as possible! Here is where online business tools and social media automation come into play!

One of my most powerful online marketing tools is the program I use to automate the backlinking process of my content. Every time I post a new article (or schedule it to post), I utilize the Article Market Robot which basically creates thousands of backlinks to your automatically. It has pretty much become part of my checklist when creating new blog articles! Manually placing backlinks on websites can be a daunting and time consuming task, especially if you are a stickler for researching! Finding strong sites to place links on could take hours! Hours that you could be focused on creating new content or cultivating your leads! CLICK HERE  to learn more about how the Article Market Robot can become one of your most effective online marketing tools.

Mark Choo - Online Business ToolsUsing Online Business Tools to Update Social Network Pages

Advertising on social media sites is a great strategy when it comes to effective online business tools. Although at any level of social media marketing, it’s very time consuming to maintain a strong social networking profile. Between creating enough quality posts to update the account at least three times per day (my personal preference), then go to each social network and manually update them. There are currently over 20 social networking sites that are available to the public. Let’s just say that you are proactive enough to have an account for all of them. Posting 3 times per day to all of your sites manually would mean logging in and updating your account 160 times each and every day! This is why utilizing online business tools to automate your social network updates is so helpful – it can save you time and everyone knows – your time is money! There are many services such as SocialOomph or TweetAdder, where you can just plug your post in once and it will be shared on all of your social media pages and you can even schedule posts to appear at times when you know your network’s social media traffic is at its peak. TweetAdder can also manage your followers as well for additional time saving and efficiency! Link to http://www.SevenFigureMastermindTeam.com/markchoo/goto/tweetadder

Using Online Business Tools that Act as a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to online business tools – what are you actually looking for? Some people utilize these tools strictly for efficiency reasons while others use them to propagate the image of a bigger company to their clients. The beauty of effective online business tools is that this is completely possible just by using certain programs and tools which save you time – which allows you freedom to focus on other things simultaneously – it’s like being in two places at the same time. Or in the eyes of your clients – having enough staff members to handle the full work load manually! Over the last few years, being in the Network Marketing industry, it has been my goal to reach out to as many people as possible – especially when I find something that actually works! Had I not utilized some of these online business tools, I don’t believe I would have been able to help so many fellow entrepreneurs optimize their business they way that I have done mine! There is just not enough time in a day for me, as one person, to find, reach out and cultivate the relationship with that many people – all while maintaining my business! Using these online business tools carefully and effectively can lift the limitations of being pressed for time – just as multi-tasking does. Why not try it for yourself?


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