Mar 27 2012

Optimize Your Business Using QR Codes

Mark Choo - Using QR Codes for BusinessBy now, I am sure that you have started to notice that masses of businesses are using QR Codes to increase their exposure and optimize their lead management systems – however, you probably don’t even realize it! You’ve probably seen QR Codes on flyers, billboards and ads but assumed they were just a funny looking barcode as many people do! As a business owner, you will without a doubt in my mind, want to get as familiar as possible with using QR Codes as they are an incredible way to increase your direct connection with your potential clients. A QR Code (or Quick Response Code) is a two dimensional image resembling a barcode, but it is square in shape. This code allows smartphone users to download information instantly to their phone, rather than manually programming it or typing in a website address. Consider it much like clicking on a link from your email and being directed straight to the intended website! Same concept here. Those who have a QR Reader application (more commonly known as a barcode scanner) installed on their phone will be able to scan your information (website address, contact information etc) directly into their phone, storing your website as a bookmark as well as your contact information in their phone book!

Using QR Codes to Generate Website Traffic

Using QR Codes to generate website traffic comes with a bit of strategic planning. Although many business owners take advantage of using QR Codes on their websites or web marketing tactics – I find the most value in using QR Codes –offline! How many times have you heard someone say to you that they lost your business card or didn’t remember your website address? When using QR codes, you never have to worry about that again! Your prospects will be scan the QR Code from your print ads or business cards and store the information directly to their phones – giving them a direct link to your business at all times. Papers get lost or misplaced all the time. Using QR Codes somewhat solidifies your business in the virtual rolodex of your prospects! Why wouldn’t you want to utilize such an effective marketing tactic? Try generating a QR Code to test it out for your business. Now you can use my FREE QR Code Generator to help you get started.


Mark Choo Speaks on Using QR Codes for BusinessUsing QR Codes on Business Cards

I must admit, when I first started using QR Codes on business cards, I was a bit skeptical. Maybe it was my own underestimation of how many people in the world have smart phones! I couldn’t grasp at first the odds – meaning, I really did not think that many people, even if they had a smart phone, would also have the barcode scanner needed to even utilize the QR Code. Man – was I wrong! Within the very first month of using QR Codes on business cards, I noticed a dramatic difference in my leads management system. Whereas I would normally spend two hours a day calling and reaching out to my leads to solicit business – after using QR Codes on my cards – I was now spending those two hours a day, answering phone calls and emails from leads instead. I was shocked at how many people were telling me that they were so sick of losing important business cards that they have trained themselves to scan the QR Code before even storing the card some place! Trust me, I’ve used tons of marketing toolsTHIS WORKS!!

Using QR Codes Intelligently for Business

Using QR Codes can benefit your business in more ways than you can imagine, just by providing an easier way for your potential clients to store your information. Whether you are using QR Codes primarily offline or learning new ways to implement them into your web marketing tactics – I would recommend them to any business owner and encourage anyone in the network marketing field to treat these like gold! Using QR codes for business is looking like the “new wave of the future,” especially if you are in a field that consumes business cards like cash! Implementing these codes may even help you to interest a different target market of people who are not reached by the online world!


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