Jun 22 2011

Our National 9/11 Flag

Today we are going to talk about the National 9/11 Flag. In my last blog post “My Experience Attending our International Convention” I hinted how we got a chance to take part in 9/11 History, and the BEST PART was, I got to participate, it was an amazing feeling to give back, but knowing that our kids and grand kids and generations to come will get to see this flag was an unreal feeling. Our VP of North American Sales Mr. William Faucette said “This was the highlight of my life”…….

 The National 9/11 Flag

There was not a dry eye in the house when The National 9/11 Flag was brought into the Atlantic City Convention Center. The Flag is the largest flag to fly over Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. The Flag is currently on a nationwide tour to raise money for restoration and will be displayed at the National 9/11 Museum when it opens in September 2011. The charity – New York Says Thank You –  supports this effort. Brought to the convention center by a parade of 10 emergency vehicles, The Flag was escorted into the general session with a bagpipe/drum procession and carried by 20 Atlantic City first responders. After presenting a contribution of $25,000 to Jeff Parness, Founder & Chairman of New York Says Thank You, CEO Craig Jerabeck had the opportunity to place a stitch in the Flag and several Corporate staff members took part in a ceremonial folding of the Flag.

“I am so proud of everyone in this company for their help in restoring this important historical artifact,” said Jerabeck. “Our substantial donation ensures that when the National 9/11 Flag is on display in New York City, there will forever be a plaque stating that it was restored thanks to the help of 5LINX® and its independent marketing representatives.”

Here is the story of the National 9/11 Flag from NBC News:

 And that my friends was the highlight of our International Convention. As always I hope you found some value in this post, until next time…. As we continue to grow and give back. Make sure to visit the National 9/11 Museum when it opens in September 2011 and see the Flag. 

National 9/11 Flag

National 9/11 Flag

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