Press Release: Mark Choo, In Association with the Exclusive MasterMind Team, Provides a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build a Website, through a Free Webinar

Mark Choo, In Association with the Exclusive MasterMind Team, Provides a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build a Website, through a Free Webinar

Bayonne, New Jersey * April 1, 2012 * Training Press Releases * Exclusive MasterMind

Mark Choo presented the first in depth training on How to Build a Website by the Exclusive MasterMind Team

Starting a business today, in any industry has become ten times easier than it was ten years ago. However, it is trying to stay in business that has become such a difficult task today. This is largely due to the increased power which the Internet has over traditional shopping trends and spending habits. Despite what industry you are in, a good percentage of your potential customers are trying to save money by using the Internet for their purchases. Based on this trend, Mark Choo decided to broaden his business with the use of a website. As he ventured into learning the different aspects and components which make up a successful, income generating website, he quickly started to see the value in actually having one. Thus, the free webinar training entitled, “How to Build a Website Webinar Training Series” was born.

Mark Choo has dedicated himself to helping others successfully build their business by utilizing online marketing tools, automation processes, as well as an income generating website which others will want to link to. In this free training webinar, he provides an in depth look of how building a website can enhance your existing business while opening up the door for other potentially lucrative income generating opportunities. Better yet, Mark Choo has disclosed in this free webinar training, how you can build your website, maintain your website and generate a residual monthly income from your website – all completely self-sufficiently. As stated in his free training webinar, there are certain aspects of a website which can generate a business a wealth of opportunity such as being able to earn residual income and more cost effectively create a website that pays for itself each month. This Five Session Webinar Training offers a detailed look into each component needed to build an effective and successful website from choosing the domain name to creating a self-hosted website and even explains how to monetize the result.

“By participating in the ‘How to Build a Website Webinar Training Series,’ I ensured to answer every question that I myself, was left with when trying to build my own site. The success I have witnessed was enough for me to share the knowledge with the masses. There’s enough money for all of us to live comfortably – why not start at home?” As Mark Choo further explains in the free training webinar, we are currently living in the age of technology and must adhere the same conformity to our business if we want to be successful. This does not mean that one has to invest thousands of dollars on their website in order to keep up with the times; it means that one must be wiser in their investments to guarantee they keep up with the changing times.

About Mark Choo

Mark Choo was born and raised on the beautiful islands of Trinidad & Tobago and moved to the United States at the age of 19. Shortly after his arrival he landed a job where he began pumping gas in a local gas station. Nonetheless, Mark had an entrepreneurial mind and never stopped dreaming of becoming his own boss and owning his own company! Soon after a few odd jobs and a couple years of school Mark Choo formed his first company in 2007 along with a few business partners. Mark and his partners worked very long and hard hours, 12, 16, and sometimes 18-Hour a days to make this business a success. His first year in business was phenomenal! Unfortunately, when the market crashed his business also watched a 66% decrease in revenue, at this point he realized he needed more than just one stream of income to secure any type of financial security.

A few months later a dear friend, who is like a second mother to Mark Choo, invited him to take a look at an opportunity. Mark was impressed not only by the opportunity but also by the level of leadership and professionalism that characterized the company. Mark quickly recognized this was what he had been looking for all along, and most importantly this is a RECESSION PROOF BUSINESS!! Mark realized he had stumbled upon something big, something better than what he was doing! Mark immediately seized the opportunity and as he continued to learn and grow in the business Mark Choo was promoted to one of the top positions in the company in just a few short months!

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