Apr 02 2011

Rich Successful People Constantly Learn & Grow and you can too!

We are all born with a vast capacity to explore and learn, however rich successful people tend to tap into that more. Many of us never discover what we are truly capable of because we never fully unleash the power of learning as most rich successful people do. As kids, we perpetually keep learning from everything and everybody, such as people like Bill Gates, due to our inquisitiveness. But as we grow old, we start taking many of the things around us for granted. An important rule of leadership and with rich successful people is to rediscover the joy of learning so that we could expand our capabilities and productivities……

Wealthy and Rich Successful People learn at every moment:

Rich Successful People

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Rich successful people understand that there are no ‘time-outs’ in the pursuit of any meaningful goal. Hence, they constantly strive to learn. rich successful people will even loose sleep in order to be more productive. Taking a break is viewed as a chance to masticate on the information taken in and to create an optimum state for imbibing new information. It is the same with eating or exercise; if done for the right purpose, it contributes to a leader’s overall growth. rich successful people get this and practice it every day!


The Wealthy and Rich Successful People Learn Without Interruption.

Whenever rich successful people pursue a specific goal, they do it without any disruptions. Research has proven that it is actually better to study for one hour straight, than for two hours with interruptions. This can break our train of thought and limit our ability to retain information. This can also take the power out of learning. Again Rich Successful People get this and practice it every day!

Rich Successful People

Rich Successful people have dedicated themselves to life-long learning. I mean, you don’t go to school for one period of your life; you’re in school every day of your life. Rich successful people confront life as if they are about to have a major exam. The average individual won’t take the time to get the information. The average individual is the poor people who will not learn new things because they think they know it all. What you don’t know is always bigger than you. Every man’s ignorance reveals the height of their mountain. Now you can speak to the mountain and cast it into the sea. The way you speak in this scenario is to learn.

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This is great and motivating. Thanks so much for the blog.

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Mark Choo

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