Jan 10 2012

Simple Easy Step by Step WordPress Update without FTP


Wordpress Update without FTP

WordPress Update without FTP

Welcome my friend, this step by step guide will assist you in Updating WordPress, now this is for a simple and easy WordPress Update without FTP. I recently just finished my How to Build a Website Webinar Series, since then, WordPress came out with two updates, a few of my guest who took my class had problems updating, in fact two my guest who took my class on How to Build a Website ended up crashing their site when they tried update. With that said I decided write this simple WordPress Update without FTP Guide. Now keep in mind there are a few different WordPress Update Options out there, but for the purpose of this article, I am going to be covering WordPress Update without FTP, which I personally believe is the best WordPress Update Option.

Before I dive in, I want to give credit to my friend Prasanna for all these tips I am about to share with you.

Step-1 WordPress Update without FTP is WP Database Backup Plugin

Okay so the first thing we need to do is backup your WordPress Database and Files, you can do this by using any WP Database Backup Plugin, but keep in mind you want to backup both the Database and the Files, I personally used the BackUpWordPress Plugin. Now let’s move to Step two of this WordPress Update without FTP.

Step-2 WordPress Update without FTP – WordPress Down for Maintenance

The next step in this WordPress Update without FTP is to put your website into Maintenance Mode; you can do this by using this WordPress Down for Maintenance Plugin, this Plugin is very simple, all you have to do is install and activate, once activated this WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin will add a splash page to your website that will let visitors know your website is down for maintenance.

Wordpress Maintenance Mode Plugin

WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin


Step-3 in the WordPress Update without FTP is to Deactivate all Plugins

Next step is to deactivate all your Plugins except for one, we need to keep the WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin installed and activated so that your visitors get that splash page when they visit your site. Note this has to be done when using this WordPress Update Option. In fact this is actually one of the most important steps apart from switching to a default theme.

Step-4 WordPress Update without FTP Switch to default Theme

Okay so in step four of this WordPress Update Option is we should switch to a default theme in WordPress like the Twenty Eleven or Twenty Ten theme. See most of your files are stored within your custom theme, when you switch to a default theme you will protect those files and settings in your custom theme during the WordPress Update without FTP.

Step-5 WordPress Update without FTP –Update WordPress Option

Okay so the next step is to simply update WordPress, make sure while the update is in process you don’t want to mess with anything else, make sure the update is complete before you logout or anything like that.

Step-6 WordPress Update without FTP – Restore your Custom Theme

Next step in this WordPress Update without FTP is we are going to restore your custom theme will all your setting and files, this should be a fairly simple process, just make sure you activate the latest version if you have more than one version of your theme installed. Remember you can have more than one theme installed at the same time, but you should only activate one theme at a time, in fact WordPress will not allow you to activate more than one.

Step-7 WordPress Update without FTP – Re-Active all Plugins

Okay we are all most there with this WordPress Update Option so hang tight, I know it’s kind of long but you want make sure you follow these steps so you don’t crash your website. So next we are going to re-activate all your Plugins, but we are going to do this One-By-One. See we can deactivate all you Plugins at the same time, but I don’t recommend activating them that way, you definitely want to activate them One-by-One!

Step-8 Disable the WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin

And finally in this WordPress Update without FTP once you have completed all the steps above, you want to deactivate the WordPress Down for Maintenance Plugin so you can get your website back up and running. If all goes well your website should be back up with no problems.

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Hopefully you found some value in this simple and easy guide for a WordPress Update without FTP.

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Prasanna SP
Prasanna SP

Another Tip: Wordpress actually puts your site on offline mode while "Updating the Wordpress core". It adds a .maintenance file which says, "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute." when somebody enters your site while the wordpress is being updated. Then it removes the .maintenance file once the update is completed. But, if anything goes wrong while updating the wordpress, then it fails to delete the file. That said, it even displays the same message on wp-admin area too! But, don't worry. What you've to do is to use file manager or FTP and remove the .maintenance file which is located at the wordpress root directory. I hope, this could help somebody who gets stuck after updating the wordpress.. ;-) Hint: Wordpress creates the same file while updating the plugins and themes. Thanks Mark Choo for mentioning me! :-)

Mark Choo
Mark Choo

Hey thanks bro, thats good info to add to the post!