Jun 29 2011

So you want to be Successful

So you want to be SuccessfulSo you want to be Successful! Hello again my friends, Mark Choo here. So today we are going to touch on success a bit. Everyone wants to be successful at something or another, but are they walking the walk, or are they just talking the talk.

Success means different things to different people who want to be successful, but one thing is for sure, if you talk to any successful person they will tell you what they do EVERYDAY, Day after Day, Week after Week, Month after Month, Year after Year.


So what prompted me to write this article, well do you know anyone that does not want to be successful, but two things happend after my morning workout, I decided to feed my brain something positive to start my day off right, so I started and finished “Doubling your brain power by Brian Tracy, this short paragraph stood out after: “Men and women who are continually talking and thinking in a positive and exciting way about the goals they want accomplish seem to have a continuous stream of energy, enthusiasm and ideas that move them towards the accomplishment of those goals”. Then I want to my car to get my wallet and found an old Linkin Park DVD “The making of Meteora”. So I decided to check it out, and what stood out was that the drummer Rob Bourdon said “while making the record, he practiced 8 – 10-Hours a day almost 7-Days a week”.

Success takes a lot of hard work, dedication and focus guys, but I think is very important to exercises daily and have a daily routine. If you want to be successful you need to work at it EVERYDAY!

 You need a Daily Routine if want to be Successful:

What are you doing EVERYDAY to get you closer to your goals, are you spending time perfecting the trade or skill’s you want to be successful at, are you reading the right books, are you learning from what will get you closer to those goals, how bad do you want to be successful? or are you just talking the talk. Listen up, if you don’t have a daily routine you need to create one, something you do everyday even if it’s only for a few minutes, but make sure you’re spending time on something that will get you closer to your goals and dreams until they become your reality.


You also need to Exercises Daily if want to be Successful:

want to be SuccessfulOkay, so I am not talking about a 2-Hour extreme physical workout, or being one hundred percent fit (Although that would help…. loll) but if you want to be successful, you really need to excise daily! I am talking about preparing your mind and body for the day ahead, most people just lay in bed thinking about what they have to do, or just wake up and jump into a millions things they have to do that day, but how would you feel if you spent a few minutes every morning getting your mind and body ready for the day ahead. I personal like and use the Anthony Robbins – Daily Magic CD from his “Get the edge Program” and all it takes is fifteen minutes every day, but I will tell you, on the days I don’t do this, I really feel the awful slump, but when I do stick to this routine and start my day off right, I feel Sharp, alert & alive, and my energy level goes through the roof, not to mention how much more stuff I get done on those days.


“In the Bible it says, “To him who hath shall more be given, to him who hath not even that which he hath shall be taken away”. And it means that to those who are excited and positive and moving toward the accomplishment of their goals bacause they want to be Successful, they get even more energy and more ideas and more creativity; to those who are going nowhere, who have very few ideas or have no goals, even that energy that they have is drained away and they become tired and depressed and fatigued.


We my friends, as always I hope you found some value in this article and I encourage you to keep striving for your goals and dreams if you want to be Successful!

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