Mar 02 2012

Social Media Marketing Tools

Check out this Video on Social Media Marketing ToolsSocial network marketing, in essence, is the wave of the future. It is one of the fastest ways to contact friends and family – as well as the friends and family of YOUR friends and family! Whether you are just starting out in the world of social media for business or are looking to learn more effective ways to utilize these sites for your business, you have come to the right place. I have been utilizing social network marketing for the last few years to both gain exposure for my business as well as generate solid leads for myself. From what I have found, this method can be a bit time consuming at first, but can quickly generate tons of leads which potentially turns into revenue. However, there is much more to social network marketing than just posting to the sites.

What is Social Network Marketing?

By definition, social network marketing is the process of using websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (amongst the many others) to promote your business and generate either leads, website traffic or the latter of the two. Social network marketing can be utilized by even posting videos on YouTube with link backs to your website. Everyone loves a good video, whether it is informative, entertaining or educational. This relatively new type of marketing tactic has limitless potential which can have quite long lasting and more importantly productive affects on your business. Utilizing social network marketing methods can ensure that you are generating leads without conscious effort.

Social Network Marketing: General Thumb Rules

Check out this Automated Twitter Marketing ToolIt takes more than just posting words to grab attention on social network marketing websites. The quality of your posts is nearly half the battle. You never want to come off as a robot, spammer or someone who is just there to flood the web with their business ads. Use these websites to explain to the world, in brief, how your business can make their lives easier, or save them money. Give your potential clients something to relate to between their daily lives and your business. Don’t just keep posting your website link everywhere without an explanation of what your business does and how it can benefit people. Knowing what material to post on the various websites can also be key to your success in using social network marketing tactics.

The Difference Between the Social Network Marketing Sites

Aside from the exposure of the different social network marketing websites, there are certain posts and approaches that should be taken on each individual page. For example, LinkedIn is a very strong source for social network marketing, however, this community is more professional and close niched. This is not the place you will want to add your friends and family or post your random thoughts about life as you would on Twitter or Facebook. This resource should solely be used in the most professional manner possible to gain exposure through interacting in the specialty groups available. Twitter on the other hand, is a much more lax environment for social network marketing. Here you are free to post promos for your business, links to your website as well as catchy sayings, quotes and tidbits to develop a more personal relationship with your potential clients as well as a professional network. Facebook pretty much the latter of the two. You can be personable as well as share links for your business without losing a fan base.

If you are looking to develop or strengthen your social network marketing skills – grab your thinking cap because there is much for you to be introduced to. When I first started out, I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed at first by all the different aspects that go into effective social network marketing. However, with the best training and constant support, I was able to develop the needed skills to make social network marketing become like second nature to me. If you are ready to learn, you should first ensure that your website itself is fully optimized. After all, it all goes hand in hand. Let me show you how to boost your exposure, website traffic and lead generation systems all with the same social network marketing strategies!


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