Apr 08 2011

The Difference between The Rich and The Poor

Hello again my friend! So have your every heard or read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It is not thinking alone that grows you but learning also does. How do those with money get richer? Well, they are not just lucky. The rich constantly learn, grow and move forward. They have a positive outlook on life and business; yes even in this current economy. Instead of thinking about the homes of the rich, or how taxing the rich doesn’t work, focus on thinking with the right mindset to become rich yourself!

The Rich Constantly Learn and Grow

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Most of us can’t avoid falling victim to the media and the people we talk to. It is much easier to “jump on the bandwagon” than to go off on your own. My definition of success is very simply. When preparation meets with opportunity then success is given birth. Preparation is part of learning. This is what gives you growth. If you really want to grow then you should be learning constantly and making positive changes as you go along like the rich.




 The Rich vs. The Poor

In today’s rapidly changing economy, the key to success is not what you know, but how fast you can learn. Your outer world of results will always correspond to your inner world of preparation and learning. Today, the world is changing so rapidly that by the time we learn something, it has often changed in some way, shape or form. People want satisfaction, proof that even though life is moving quickly, they are gaining on it and we are making a difference everyday. This is what most of the rich people know and most and poor people don’t.

As always my friend, I hope you found some value in this post on The Rich, God Bless & Happy Easter All!!

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