May 07 2011

The Power of Residual Income vs. Linear Income

So today I will be talking about why Residual Income is the best income to have. If you work for someone else day after day dedicated to building their dream, you get paid the traditionally way which is linear income (Exchanging hours for dollars) now don’t get me wrong, we all need to start somewhere, not to mention at the end of the month the bills need to get paid, BUT what are you doing to build a steady stream of passive residual income, a stream that’s not solely based on your efforts, what are you doing to secure your children’s future, your grand children’s future, your future. My friends welcome to “Residual Income” I only wish I had someone to each me this concept when I was growing up, no one teaches this in our school’s today, in fact entrepreneur and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki talks about this all the time “Schools teach you how to work for money, and does not teach how to make money work for you”. Here we talk about why you need residual income streams to diversify your earnings. 
Residual Income

So how do the rich earn residual income:

1. Real Estate Investing
2. Stock Market Investing
3. Previous Wealth Handed Down
4. Network Marketing – Residual Income

If you want to break away from the status quo, you need to figure out how to make one of those options work for you, so you to can earn residual income. See with option #1 & #2 you need upfront capital for investing, it’s not easy to start here, not to mention very risky for the average person, especially in today’s economy, however, if you have the capital to invest for a few years you may stand a chance, but for the average person that’s a tall order.

#3 Is a no brainer, and comes with guidance and not to mention an already established network.

So how can YOU can you earn residual income:

So my friends #4 is really is a good option for the average person to have major success while earning Residual Income, but what do you look for when reviewing a Network Marketing Company.

Residual Income1. The Products & Services.
2. The Leadership and their Commitment.
3. The Direction of the Company and Vision of the Founders.

#1 My friends, the products are very important in an opportunity, I talk about this all the time, in order to earn long term Residual Income, you need to offer TRUE Residual Income products. This can come in the form of a product or service, but IF it’s a necessity vs. a luxury item, you’re in a much better place. Products and service which consumers are already using on an every day basis will ensure a long term flow of Residual income.

#2 The leadership should be delectated and committed to the success of the team, “A System” also needs to be in place to ensure long term growth, we are focused on creating leaders and taking people to the next level in their lives, and the team as well as the system should reflect that.

#3 Lastly, the founders and their visions play a big part in the future of the company, your success, as well as your teams success. Constantly working on fine tuning the opportunity with the latest and greatest cutting edge products & services, this is also a key part in the long term growth of the company and the Residual Income you can earn. Learn more about our Residual Income Opportunity and find out how we can help to get on the other side of Residual Income!

So my  friend, as always I hope you found some value in this article on Residual Income.

I want to encourage you all to find yourself on the receiving end of Residual Income! Be blessed and see you at the TOP, and remember, “Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it and spend it, rather than invest in a Residual Income business model.

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