Jul 21 2012

Three Steps To Getting Leads Using Free Marketing Methods!

Getting new leads seems like one of the toughest jobs, but by using some free marketing methods you can make it a cinch! When setting up a business website don’t let the idea of lead generation get you down as I am going to share a secret with you. Three simple steps you need to take to build leads like nobody’s business, and they will not cost you a single penny! No matter how experienced you are, you can use these free marketing methods and get some free website marketing done in the process as well.

Free Marketing Methods # 1: Submit Directly To Search Engines!

There is no need to pay someone to submit your website to a search engine like Google when you can do it yourself for free! Just access the website, and make sure you use the right keywords in your meta-description that you want to rank for, and voila, you’re done. As long as your website has the right keywords and meta-tags, you will be able to get listed. 

Free Marketing Methods Can Improve Lead Generation!

Improve Lead Generation with Free Marketing Methods

Free Marketing Methods # 2: Engage, engage, engage!

This is a long topic on its own and I could write several blog posts on it, but – in short – you must engage your audience.

Newsletters: Send out weekly or monthly newsletters to all of your leads to keep them informed and encourage them to get in touch with you and/or share the newsletters with others.

Twitter/Facebook: Every day you need to be posting new content on your Facebook and Twitter pages. This is one of the easiest ways to engage with your audience since there are numerous ways to have a conversation with them through these social media tools. Likes, comments, replies, messages – you have it all.

Business Banners and Links: Look into exchanging links with related businesses. This is one of the most successful free marketing methods since it serves the double purpose of helping you build a network of people in the industry that you can reach out to for advice.

Free Marketing Methods # 3: Write!

One of the most popular free marketing methods is writing. You can write articles or have your own blog that you post to every day. Let’s go into some detail about these:

The simplest of free marketing methods – articles. Articles are a goldmine. Why? Because they stay online forever. As long as you use evergreen content and the right keywords, you could end up with a sale 4-5 years down the line from an article you post today. One of the benefits of having a network of like-minded businessmen/women you’re in touch with is that you could guest blog for them – but there are plenty of free article directories too. Just make sure to include a relevant link in the resource box and provide excellent content that will make people want to visit your website.

One of the very useful free marketing methods is blogging. Every website should have a blog, as it is basically free advertising for your business. It is where you can freely link to your business, products and ideas. Engage with your audience through comments for best traffic generation.

Hopefully these free marketing methods will have provided you with some key insights on how to marketing your business better online.


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