Nov 05 2011

Tony Robbins Get the Edge Review Part-1

Hello my friends it’s your Pal Mark Choo and today I am going to write a Get the Edge Review. “Get the Edge” is an Anthony Robbins Self Help Program that has been used my millions of people over the years. It’s by far one of Best Anthony Robbins Programs in the market, at least in my opinion. This is what I used to create my daily routine, in my business of Online Marketing & Training your body can get run down, this routine is what I use every day to keep my mind and body feeling great…. to Get the edge in life. Keep reading this Get the Edge Review and I will tell you more about what the program can do for you. What if you could learn the best tips and strategies to great health, losing weight, relationships, money, emotions, and the key to changing anything in your life? I am talking about creating lasting change. Well stick with me on this Get the Edge Review and we will help you get there.

Get the Edge Review - CD Set

Get the Edge Review – CD Set

Would you like to strengthen your mind and body? feel great everyday in every aspect of your life? program yourself so you can deal with any challenge life throws at you? well this is the ticket! “Get the Edge” is a 7-Days Audio Program by Anthony Robbins that can transform your life forever, but true change will only happen if you apply the strategies, if you want results, you have to be ready to take action.

In this Get the Edge Review I will cover the seven-day course one day at a time. One of the things that impressed me was the depth and width of Anthony Robbins’s knowledge in these areas, this program is really well-rounded and touches on every aspect of life. So strap in and let get started with Get the Edge Day 1 and this Get the Edge Review.


But first, before I continue with this Get the Edge Review, who is Anthony Robbins:

Get the Edge Review – Day-1 “Your Hour of Power”

So in Day one Antony Robbins starts of by talking about the program and what it can do for you, how you too can Get the Edge in life, Tony goes into multiple different scenarios about how this program can help you and I, some of the great leaders he has worked with in the past, from Presidents to World leaders, mainly in this Anthony Robbins Self Help Program he talks about creating time for yourself everyday, and why this is so important to living a happy long-lasting life. Robbins goes on to discuss how in today’s world we get so busy in our everyday lives that we don’t make time for ourselves and eventually we crash and burnout, or in the long-term we FAIL! Then we end up living an unhappy life, do you know anyone like that?… loll. To sum this up, Get the Edge Day 1 really teaches you how to create a new pattern for yourself, a pattern that will give you more time with yourself while empowering you in the process! Committed to Success.

Get the Edge Review – Day-2 “7 Keys to Changing Anything in Your Life Today”

Get the Edge Review - Change Anything

Get the Edge Review – Change Anything

In my business of Online Marketing and Network Marketing the key is to change your financial future and Make money while you sleep! In Get the Edge Review Day-2 Anthony Robbins does a Self Help “Results Workshop” with you. Robbins talks about how most people don’t invest in changing their lives for the better, or most start off by purchasing books and tapes but never really follow through on finishing them. Then he goes on to talk about success and how the most successful people are not lucky, but in fact they have a routine and a pattern that they follow constantly on a daily basis! Anthony Robbins also talks about what is preventing us from creating the lasting change we want, how to focus on your life and what you want to create. In the workshop your ask to write down the most common reason why you don’t follow through and do the things you want to do? then he walks through them by letting you know how you can take small steps that will get you closer to those goals, (I am telling you this is why I think this is Best Anthony Robbins Program) how to create the momentum in your life and live at your peak. He also talks about having discipline and how discipline equals FREEDOM! To change anything in your life you really have to practice and work at it, just like anything else. Remember to create your own standards and live by them every day! Are you liking the value and info is this Get the Edge Review thus far?….. Then keep reading.

Get the Edge Review – Day-3 “Power of Relationships”

Here we go…. As humans we have a need to connect. In this Get the Edge Review CD-3 Anthony Robbins starts of by talking about how Relationships is one of the most important aspects in life, having someone to share life with, just like everything in life must grow, so should our Relationships. You must contribute, but most of all you must be happy with yourself. Wow…. You can’t have joy without having pain sometimes, so prepare to get hurt. What is the purpose of a Relationship? There are tons of strategies packed in this Anthony Robbins Self Help Program Day-3. WOW! While listening to this I actually found out why one of my past Relationships ended, this has more to do with what’s called our Blue-Print, the truth is everyone has a Blue-Print, we are just not aware of it. Focus on creating lasting Relationships. Make sure your growing and expanding so you don’t end up just hanging on. Make sure when you decide to date someone who you share the same values, if you don’t you will only create long term conflicts, this does not mean everything has to match, but the most important things should, you should have a list of the things that are important to you, and there is a workshop on this CD that will teach you how to create that list. Did I not say this is one of the Best Anthony Robbins Program out there loll.. Anyway, lets continue with this Get the Edge Review.

Get the Edge Review – Day-4 “Pure Energy” LIVE!

Okay so I personally got the most results from this Anthony Robbins Self Help Day-4 Increased Energy, but first I want to explain exactly how I was introduced to Anthony Robbins. At a seminar I attended one of my mentors was speaking about attending a special Anthony Robbins seminar that cost him and his wife $10,000 per ticket. I am currently involved in ,multiple companies, working on creating multiple streams of income, at one point I was feeling really burned out, but I knew I really needed to keep going, now I am not a fan of any kind of drugs what so ever, so I started doing some research online on how I can naturally Increase my Energy, that’s when I found Anthony Robbins and remember my mentor speaking about him, that’s how I found Anthony Robbins. Now I started off looking for ways to Increase my Energy, but I got a whole lot more, in 2-Months of using this program from CD-4. I lost 35lbs… that’s in 2-Months and I felt great, my energy was through the roof, I would go to sleep late and still wake up early feeling great. I highly endorse this one combined with the Daily Magic (CD-8) which I will be writing about in part-2 of this Get the Edge Review.

Okay so at this point I have decided to split this article on the Get the Edge Review into more than one part, there is allot of good value here that I want to share with you guys, make sure to come back because in the next few day’s of this Anthony Robbins Self Help Program Tony talks about:

  • Get the Edge Review – Day 5 – Emotions
  • Get the Edge Review – Day 6 – Finances
  • Get the Edge Review – Day 7 – Purpose
  • Get the Edge Review – The Daily Magic CD. You DO NOT what to miss this one!

As you read this article on Get the Edge Review you may also be wondering who is Anthony Robbins, and why should you would want to listen to him, Tony has coached some of the biggest names we know today, from President Bill Clinton, Actor Hugh Jackman, Larry King of CNN, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Emmy Award-Winner Diane Sawyer of ABC, The Washington Post, John McCormack who is Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Pat Riley Hall of Fame NBA Coach, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, Deepak Chopra and the list goes on and on and ON…..

AMERICAN EXPRESS asked its entrepreneurial clients whom they would select to help them take their business to the next level, if price was no object. Without any lists being provided, they came up with the following six responses: 1) Bill Gates. 3) Warren Buffett. 5) Ross Perot. 2) Donald Trump. 4) Lee Iacocca. 6) Tony Robbins.

As always my friends, I hope you found some value in this article on Get the Edge Review, but remember to stay Committed to Success! See you in Part-2 of this Get the Edge Review.


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