Nov 20 2011

Tony Robbins Get the Edge Review Part-2

Hello again my friends, so I am guessing you’re ready for Part Two of the Anthony Robbins Self Help Program: Get the Edge Review, so let’s get to it, but make sure to read Get the Edge Day 1 before reading Part-2.

Get the Edge Review – Day-5 “Power of Emotions”

Okay so in Day-5 of the Get the Edge Review Tony starts off by talking about how we all feel down or stressed sometimes, and how we can and should use our emotions as actions signals. In Day-5 of Get the Edge Review Tony asked the question, what is more important than how we feel on a daily basis? He really does a good job here breaking this down. In this CD on Get the Edge Review Anthony Robbins goes on to talk about how we need to use our negative limiting emotions to create positive ones. Tony asks the questions, how do you deal with your emotions today? and explains how you should deal with them. “How you feel at any moment is time is really a result of the meaning you give to your experience” In Day-5 of the Get the Edge Review Anthony Robbins also goes through the 10 Main categories of emotions we feel: 1: Uncomfortable Emotions. 2: Fear. 3: Hurt. 4: Anger. 5: Frustration. 6: Disappointment. 7: Guilt & Regret. 8: Feeling Inadequate. 9: Overloaded. 10: Loneliness and explains some really cool tips and strategies on how you can deal with these whenever you feel them, how you can program yourself to feel empowering emotions! All things aside if you’re looking for Anthony Robbins Self Help, there is some very useful info here! This is one of the very Best Anthony Robbins Program in my opinion.

Get the Edge Review – Day-6 “Financial Freedom”

Get the Edge Review – Day-6 “Financial Freedom

Get the Edge Review – Day-6 “Financial Freedom

Wow….. Okay so in Day-6 as I write about this Get the Edge Review, there was some really good info on financial discipline, this is something that no one really teaches us when we’re growing up, at least not me. How do you know when it’s the right time to spend, invest or save, well there is a really cool strategy in this CD which Tony refers to as the three buckets of income, how to create it, why you should have it, and how to manage it. In Day-6 of Get the Edge Review this training really digs deep into how to managing your finances as well as create the right asset allocation. Ever notice how rich people never go broke even when they are filing bankruptcy? This is why I think this is the Best Anthony Robbins Program: It’s all about having the right asset allocation my friends, and this training has some strategies I have never heard of before. If you are serious about your finances like I am, I highly recommended it!

Get the Edge Review – Day-7 “The Purpose of Life”

Okay so firstly, this is something I always wondered about, why am I here? And what is my purpose? So needless to say I was eager to listen to this one and write this Get the Edge Review, what I found was really interesting. See we are all here for a reason, but the question is what is that reason? In Day-7 of Get the Edge Review you don’t really find the answer, but he explains how to find out what you enjoy and how you should move towards that. Why we should all commit to a life of serving and helping others. In Day-7 of this Anthony Robbins Self Help program there is also a workshop that will help you realize what you really want, for everyone it’s different of course, but this definitely helps you get closer to finding out your purpose!

Get the Edge Review – Day-8 or aka “Daily Magic”

Okay if you picked up the physical copy you will see how this Get the Edge Review Anthony Robbins Self Help program is one of the Best Anthony Robbins Program. By the time you get to CD-8 you’re really excited and you may have learned more about life in the last 7-Days than you have ever learned in your entire life, but for real lasting change we need to be consistent! So Get the Edge Review – Day-8 is designed to assist you in keeping the edge, you can use this to set yourself up for victory every day. Anthony Robbins talks about how this is what he used for years to condition his mind and body to get the most out of them everyday! This tape is made up of Three-Stages, the CD starts of by explaining and encouraging you to go for a walk daily, during this walk Tony explain exactly what to do and think while walking, if you want you can work out as well towards the end, I do this EVERYDAY now, it takes me about 30-Minutes and I feel great after! When I don’t do this I feel sluggish during my day big time. So what does this entail? Well he starts of explaining a very specific breathing pattern in Stage-One called “Breath Walking” he explains how this can stimulate your immune system, while changing your physiological and emotional state. Stage-Two is about being grateful and the power of incantation’s, and how this can help you release fear, this is very physiological but I will tell you from doing it for the last few months I feel great! Get the Edge Review – In Stage-Three of this CD Anthony Robbins talk about the importance of visualization and how everything you ever wanted starts with a thought, everything begins in your inner world before it can become part of your outer world. This is a huge part of this Anthony Robbins Self Help Program.

This is definitely on of Best Anthony Robbins Program. As always my friends, I hope you found some value in this article on the Anthony Robbins Get the Edge Review.

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