Nov 24 2012

Twitter Marketing Tools | How To Use Twitter For Business

So your looking for Twitter Marketing Tools. Twitter has become crucial to the success of many businesses, so it’s important to develop a strong idea of how to use Twitter for business marketing. 

Use Twitter Marketing Tools fo ryour Business

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Knowing How To Use Twitter Marketing Tools

Social media in a general sense has become critically important to any business if your looking to maintain a strong online presence. Social media allows for a business to interact with their customers, promote products, and create marketing strategies specifically designed around being able to do both of these things at once. There are benefits of knowing how to use Twitter for business. Twitter is one of the largest, most popular social media outlets going today, but the question a businesses is undoubtedly asking is how they can apply something as massive and far-reaching as Marketing with Twitter. Answering the question of how to use Twitter for business marketing is not a difficult one to answer. Lets dig deeper.

Tips on Using this Twitter Marketing Tools for your  Business

There are several things a business can do to Marketing with Twitter Online, here are just a few options on how to use Twitter for business marketing. One of the things to keep in mind is that because Twitter is constant, your marketing strategies on Twitter should also be constant. This isn’t the same as spamming your followers with tweets. That’s a quick way to turn followers off, and defeat the entire purpose of even having a Twitter account for your business. It’s good to know the difference between keeping in touch with your followers, communicating with them, letting them know about deals, offers and new products associated with your business, and not to overwhelm them with too much information. Another way is to simply communicate with your followers. Using Twitter as a means of promotion, but your use of Twitter shouldn’t end there. Talk back to the people who talk to you. Re-tweet people who share particularly humorous or complimentary tweets regarding your business. You can even use Twitter to address customer service questions or complaints, or at the very least you can direct them to places where they can have these questions answered.

Effectively Using Twitter Marketing Tool For your Business

And what can you express on Twitter with so few characters? Just about anything. Twitter allows you to share with your followers such things as live updates, promotions, articles, blog posts, YouTube videos and much more.

Remember that the trick is to not spam followers. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when learning how to use Twitter for business marketing.


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Make sure to post regularly to stay on your audience’s feeds and in their minds on a daily basis. The weekends are no exception. They are a great time to engage users. Also, Use a dashboard such as Hootsuite. It can help you organize and schedule tweets when you are not available to tweet them. You can also easily keep track of who is retweet you and mentioning your content.