Aug 01 2011

UnCollege Review – Is Traditional College a Waste of time today?

UnCollege Review – Hello again my friends, Mark Choo here. Okay so I recently came across an interesting article, and after doing some research I found an organization that promotes “UnCollege” (self directed college education) now over fifty percent of the population in the entire world is under thirty years of age, this means you really need to differentiate yourself if you want to be successful. Why? Because over 70% of high school graduates attend college and the truth is a college degree no longer guarantees success, or even a job for that matter. With this said, UnCollege is on the rise in the US.

UnCollege Review

UnCollege Review

What is UnCollege:

Dale Stephens is the Founder of UnCollege and he is known for his big thinking. Dale also grew up on self education. UnCollege is a movement intended to help people extend their education beyond educational institutions, the intent is to replace a four-year college education with life learning. Reception of his experiment has been mixed, however, supporters have commended the self-admiration of the UnCollege program. The strongest selling point of UnCollege is that there is no danger of any actual learning.


UnCollege Education vs. Traditional Education:

Currently UnCollege is a non-profit organization. Stephens insist that an UnCollege education is more than just a regular college education, it’s an experience, and you know what, a lot of people happen to agree with him. So will an employer really take anyone serious with a self directed education? Maybe not, but this is what Dale is working hard to change, will he win the battle? Only time will tell. I personally think this is a grand idea, it’s kind of like an entrepreneurial school, but I also strongly believe there should be some sort of balance and the integration of some kind or degree that’s widely recognized. If this happens I think the UnCollege idea and concept could be highly accepted, and who knows, maybe highly recognized as well some day.


UnCollege Review

UnCollege Review

The UnCollege Point of Focus:

In the average college today, the fun in learning is easily lost. A Self directed learning maybe a good alternative to a typical college education. While the average school focuses more on critical thinking, self directed learning is focused on innovation, creativity and forces success. UnCollege can give students an opportunity to design their own education, which will be supported by a community of mentors that has already built and experience success. As the saying goes “Success leaves clues” and in my eyes the additions of successful entrepreneurs teaching you what they already know sound very appealing!!


UnCollege Long-term Benefit’s

Traditional College really lacks the skills needed to become successful and in today’s economy, that’s why so many kids graduate college with huge debt and NO JOB. In fact if you think about it, how much of your expensive college education do you really apply in your everyday lives or jobs? Maybe UnCollege could be a good option for some. Most see college as a stepping stone to success, but the truth is, none of this success is guaranteed. Just look at the success of some of these self made millionaires who never completed or attended college, this really makes us question whether what we need to learn is taught in school.


UnCollege Student’s Future in the Job Market:
UnCollege Review

UnCollege Review

Allot of employers today are recruiting based on Social Media Profiles found on LinkedIn, some employers are even hiring on Twitter and Facebook. Why you ask? Well if you think about it the candidates have already been socially validated and recommended. SO will this idea work long term? Will this be the next big boom? Can this be the changing of the guards? Who knows, but one thing is for curtain, A College Degree no Longer Guarantees Success in today’s world!


As always my friends, I hope you found some value in this UnCollege Review.

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