May 17 2012

Website Optimization Tips: Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research – Part 2

Website Optimization Tips to Increase Conversions

Use Website Optimization Tips to Increase Conversions

So – you’re so close but still looking to fine tune those website optimization tips I have given you in my last article, right? It’s understandable! These are some very POWERFUL tools I am giving you; it’s going to take a short period of time and dedication to learn the ins and outs of these website optimization marketing tips but THIS is why I am here to help you speed up the process of elimination and get you started making some serious money from your business marketing strategies! In my last article we went over the bare basics of using Market Samurai for your keyword research. Today, we are going to take a detailed look into website optimization tips that you can implement – all with the Market Samurai program! My friend, today is the day that you will learn how to use Market Samurai for laser targeted keyword research, domain selection and how to analyze your competition to such a point that you are GUARANTEED to earn first page search results ranking every time! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Use Website Optimization Tips from the Pros!

First and foremost, in order to accurately follow the website optimization tips successfully – it is imperative that you understand the power of a good keyword! For those of you who utilize the power of article marketing, using these Market Samurai tips can help you effectively double your conversions from your articles alone! You see, one of the best website optimization tips that you can follow IS effective keyword research, however when you have one resource that effectively show you indirectly how to optimize your entire website and marketing efforts how could you possibly go wrong? Market Samurai is set up in several different modules to target the various aspects of online marketing which affect your website optimization. These types of website optimization tips are vital in order to dominate the search engines results! By setting up the keyword research filters as I outlined in Part 1 of this article, you will have already targeted much more effective keywords (website optimization tips #1 – incorporate more long tail keywords to increase conversions immediately!) Once you have this down pact you can move on to target stronger domain names and analyze the results more effectively. Let’s take a look.

Website Optimization Tips Using Article Marketing

Website Optimization Tips That Increase Article Marketing Profits

Website Optimization Tips to Increase Article Marketing Profits

If you are looking for website optimization tips which can help you solidify your article marketing techniques than utilizing the Market Samurai tools is imperative! Most website optimization tips that you’ll find mention the art of analyzing your competition properly. To do this, you need to first analyze your own website to see who your competition even is! Your page ranking, back links, current keyword search standings and indexed pages, etc., are all dissected elements of the bigger picture – THE FIRST PAGE of search results. You need to accurately understand where your website stands before being able to implement any website optimization tips accurately. Market Samurai will give you accurate daily and monthly counts of the top ten websites targeting your keyword down to their domain age! Having this side by side analysis gives you an inside track to really breaking down your competitors strategies. This way you can choose which website optimization tips will help you achieve your goals quicker and more effectively. Targeting domain names that include your keyword is only the start of effective optimization and article marketing – but far from the only. Website optimization tips #2 – utilize Market Samurai to fully cultivate the intent of your article then use an article marketing tool that automates the exposure process for you! Market Samurai allows you to filter the SEO Competition results down to the amount of back links you are looking to attract – it can even tell you where the competitors are placing their keywords (i.e. domain name, page titles, headers, images, etc.) – vital information that you can use to determine whether or not you can compete with their position on the first page of Google! Combine this type of information with quality content and an automated article marketing software and my friend – It’s Hello First Page Time!

Combine These Website Optimization Tips with Market Samurai to Dominate the Search Results

In order to dominate the page rank for search results your complete marketing cycle needs to be pristine from the idea to the brainstorm to the publishing and marketing – which is why learning how to incorporate the different website optimization tips is vital to achieve a solid structure. Market Samurai offers a complete preparation package deal once you learn how to utilize it. But where do you go from here? You focus on marketing and testing all the website optimization tips you’ve implemented. Automating this process can make your life much easier as well as increase the response time which of course, equates to quicker increases in sales conversions! Now when I told you that I would walk you through this process step-by-step I meant it! You’ve got your Market Samurai for keyword research. You’ve learned how to work that program to your full advantage – but you’re still on the third or fourth page, right? Let me show you the answer to your problem – your marketing!


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