Sep 01 2011

What is the LightSquared Network and why you should know about it now!

Today we are going to talk about the LightSquared Network. Hello again my friends, it’s your pal Mark Choo and I am so EXCITED today about this blog. I came across the LightSquared Network while doing some research for another blog I am writing, and I was AMAZED with what I found. My Firends, the LightSquared Network is pretty much going to change the WORLD and Technology as we know it.

So what the Hell is the LightSquared Network?

LightSquared Network

LightSquared Network

The Company “LightSquared” is building a brand new state of the art WIRELESS 4g net work (Wireless-Internet-Broadband-Network-Satellite) to provide a new broadband service. The LightSquared Network will will reside in outer space and will be used by call phone and other communication service providers throughout the entire country. YES, that’s right my friends, the LightSquared Network will reside in outer-space in order to provide wireless 4G broadband internet coverage to the entire United States including rural areas, and I am almost curtain this technology will soon expand to the entire world. LightSquared is using terrestrial technology to launch and operate the Worlds First ever wireless 4G Broadband Internet Satellite in outer space. This “LTE Long Term Evolution” technology is going to revolutionize and change wireless communications as we know it today with this new broadband service. Here is a video that will explain further:

So how will the LightSquared Network benefit you?

Well picture this, TALKING on your cell phone, iPad, Laptop or any other mobile device any where in the world and never lose a signal or service, always connected, not to mention at no additional cost because with the LightSquared Network you will never be out of range and will never have to worry about roaming charges. This new broadband service LTE technology is also going to play a HUGE part in the development of Web 3.0 and the progression of future technology.

So how soon can we expect the launch of the LightSquared Network?

LightSquared Network and Sprint

LightSquared Network and Sprint

Well the company is way ahead of schedule currently conducting testing which should run through the end of 2011. Once all the technical testing is completed, customers should expect a launch of services in the first quarter 2012. LightSquared Network is projecting that by 2015 they will cover more than 250 million Americans with their new broadband service through 3rd-Party communication service providers. The company is already in negotiations with over 15 companies and carriers that wants to utilize their wholesale LightSquared Network, however, there is also some rumors regarding a Sprint – LightSquared partnership, now with Sprint holding a 54% stake in Clearwire, it’s also expected that if Sprint deploys the LightSquared Network it is assumed that Clearwire will also migrate to the LTE new broadband service.

Government FCC Controversy and LightSquared Network IPO

LightSquared Network IPO

LightSquared Network IPO

Now there has also been some controversy surround the company and the building of the LightSquared Network in outer space. From applying pressure to one of the major share holder and hedge fund player Phil Falcone, to GPS signal interference problems, however, the company is aware of the problems and the chief executive officer, Sanjiv Ahuja is working with the FCC to keep the LightSquared Network on track to meet its 2012 schedule. Additionally, if you trade or you,re a stock market investor you may what to keep a close eye on this one, there has been a lot of rumors that LightSquared may be filing an Initial Public Offering (IPO) before the end of summer 2011. According to the rumors and reports, the company was cited discussing these plans with analysts in New York City from Morgan Stanley to several other mutual fund officials. There is also talk’s of a similar get-together happening sometime soon on the West Coast.

One thing is guaranteed, the LightSquared Network and this new broadband service is going to change the way we communicate in a HUGE way. As always my friends, I hope you have enjoyed the read and found some value in this post on the LightSquared Network.

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