Oct 23 2012

Google SEO Secrets and Tips

The largest Free SEO Marketing search engine in the world, and the main source of your website traffic is Google, which is why it is extremely important to understand some of these Google SEO Secrets so you get more traffic.

All about google seo secrets

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It is getting harder and harder to get Google to rank your blog at a high position. Why? Because Google (Google Bot) has gotten very smart over the years and has developed extensive algorithms to reduce the manipulation of the system by people hoping to just get more traffic without offering much in terms of content or relevancy. These Google SEO Secrets we are about to cover can help you with some of the simple mistakes most make. Remember Google is Free SEO Marketing tool, and your job is to help Google do there job by providing relevant content to the user. Here is a short list and guideline to help your On-Page SEO.

Google SEO Secrets #1: On-Page Optimization Tips

The first Step when writing an article is to do your Keyword Research, you need to find a good keyword and you need to make sure this Keyword is being searched on the web. Now I use a highly effective Program called Market Samurai for keyword research on my articles. Once you have your Keyword your ready to write you article. Here is a List of Tips to make sure your On-Page Optimization is on point and is in line with what Google is looking for:

  • Make sure your Keyword is in your URL
  • Make sure you use your Keyword in the Meta Title
  • Make sure you use the Keyword in the Meta Description
  • Make sure your Keyword is in your First & Last Line of text on the page
  • Make sure to use your Keyword a few times in your Article, I try to use it once in every paragraph.
  • Make sure you have an H1, H2 and H3 Header with your Keyword (Tip the URL is Automatically your H1)
  • Make sure to Underline and Italic a few of your keywords ( I use This Tool to Automate that Process)
  • Make sure you have your Keyword as an Internal Link pointing to a Relevant page on your site.
  • Make sure your keyword Density is between 1.5% and 4%, meaning don’t use your keyword too much ( I use This Tool to Automate that Process as well)
  • Try to use Related Keywords in your article, you can find this on the bottom of every page results when you so a search. For example my Keyword on this article is “Google SEO Secrets” take a look at what Google suggest as related keywords:
Google SEO Secrets

The Google Search Engine is telling me these Keywords are Related to My Keyword

Google SEO Secrets #2: Social Media Usage

Free SEO Marketing: Now once you On-Page Optimization is on Point, we need to work on your Off-Page Google Search Engine Optimization, what does this mean, you need back-links (Off-Page Optimization) to rank well in the search engines, and one of the many Google SEO Secrets is to use social media heavily so you can get your page out there on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. The more back-links to your website, the more you will be determined as an authority blog/website and thus the higher the rank and authority assigned to you by Google. But more and more, Google is also relying on the amount of “shares” and “likes” a post gets on social media to determine the quality of content, this tells Google this content is popular and is being shared allot. Make sure you have strong profiles on all social media websites relevant to your business – especially Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Ask your readers to share your content. Share other blogger’s content (they might reciprocate).

Google SEO Secrets # 3: Lower Your Bounce Rate

In Google Search Engine Optimization your bounce rate really matters. Bounce rate is how fast people move off your website or page to another website – and how much time they spend on your site. The faster people leave, the higher your bounce rate gets. This Google SEO Secrets highlight the importance of killer content, and easy to navigate websites. Make sure your content and topic is relevant to the Keyword your going after. A high bounce rate is not good for your site, you want to make sure your bounce rate is under 50-Percent! A simple trick to improve your bounce rate quickly when doing Google Search Engine Optimization is to create internal links on a page that may have a high bounce rate, you will get the user to click-through to another page and get them to spend more time on your site and eventually they may find something they like. Re-work old articles to make them relevant.

Google SEO Secrets # 4: Build an Audience

You need to have readers coming back to your blog every week, day, month. Basically, you need regular traffic, since one of the Google SEO secrets is that Google also calculates your returning reader rate. You want to Make sure you write great content, and also focus on emailing out to your subscribers so that you can draw them back to your blog. You can also write a series of informed relevant post (Part-1, Part-2 etc..), to get users back to read up on subsequent posts. Also, always interact with your audience. Your readers are doing you a favor by reading your content. Thank them, and reply to their comments. Make sure you follow these Google SEO Secrets, and you will have an amazing search ranking in no time. In the end, the most important Google SEO Secret is that you need to have dedication towards your blog/website to help it grow and develop into a money making asset.


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Yes, content is one of the most important factors in capturing/constructing a big or larger audience so it's really vital to create high quality and engaging content for your website regularly.


Hey Mark nice article, now I finally find the right SEO research for ranking in Google, thank you so much mate. Have you in favorites and will be spreading it to my followers and throughout my backlinks. Will keep in touch mate.

Michae Borell - Founder of Global9billionclub.


Hey Thanks Mark, I appreciate you post. Thanks for the information. This came at the right timing, as I am looking to understand SEO more in order to implement it properly on my website and posts. Thanks for being doing the work you do Mark and staying consistent. I appreciate it


I was suggested thіs web sіte by mу cousin. I'm not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are amazing! Thanks!

Mark Choo
Mark Choo

Velda - Thank you for stopping by! Glad you were able to find some useful info.